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EDvite helps learners of all ages connect to inspiring, learning experiences in their community. Ranging from speakers and lectures to museum exhibits, and from community gardens to coding academies, EDvite seeks to make these easier to share and find.

Our Mission

There are many organizations and individuals who want to offer experiences to millions of learners. There are millions of learners searching for inspiring learning experiences in person and online. EDvite makes it easy for these groups to find each other!

Our Vision

We believe that by sharing what other communities are doing in an open space we can expand opportunities for all learners. Shouldn’t every city have a Lego League--for adults!? And shouldn’t every kid have a chance to design and build their own bike? These are just some of the experiences that inspire us as learners, so we invite communities to share their experiences too.

Inspiring Each Other

EDvite asks a simple question: What if we could reduce the barriers between learners of all ages and the infinite resources in their community ? We believe making it easier for us to connect for learning will change how, when, what and where we learn. We encourage you to share, browse, or post your own EDvite today!

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