About 4-H Robotics and Technology Club

  • Phone:(231) 883-4463
  • Address:390 4-Mile Rd. S. Traverse City, MI 49696
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A MakerSpace is a lot like a gym membership, you sign up to use the machines, but in this case they are wood working and metal working tools/machines. Training on how to use them is offered. 4-H MakerSpace is run by 4-H Robotics & Technology Club of Traverse City Michigan. It is a 3,000 sq. ft. barn work shop and technical library where kids ages 5 to 19 (Members) and adults (Volunteers) can learn shop skills, how to use tools, and how to work with materials. While the theme is robots and technology, the education you gain is the point. It is also a social club with group activities, special events, and fun field trips throughout the year. LEARN-BY-DOING You learning how to MAKE new things and REPAIR the things you already have. KIDS: You can meet other kids like you and learn shop skills. PARENTS: $16 million in college scholarships are available each year. Here you can meet other adults that share your interests in family and education. The club is KID OWNED and KID RUN (with the grownups working in the background). Put events on the clubs social calendar that you would like to participate in. Field trips, contests, special events, educational projects, and other group social activities are important educational experiences for all of us. The number of Memberships is limited so we are looking for youth who want to learn how to build things and adults to encourage them. The registration fee is $10 per year for youth, adults are free. Additional money to cover expenses is generated by donations and FUN-Raising activities that everyone can participate in.

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