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Coral Castle is on the National Register of historic places and is truly an amazing place to visit. The story behind the castle is that Edward Leedskalnin, out of obsessed love for a young girl, built this coral monument for her. The question remains, how could he have carved and moved over 1100 tons of rock without any human assistance? Did he know any secrets? Coral Castle has baffled scientists, engineers and scholars since its opening in 1923. Coral Castle has been featured in many magazines and on television on 'In Search Of', 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' and 'That's Incredible'.Sunday-Thursday 8 AM - 6 PM Friday-Saturday 8 AM - 9 PM (Year-Round) Adults $ 9.75 Children (7-12) $ 5.00 Children (under 6) no charge Senior Citizens (62+ ) $6.50

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