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EDvite is constantly seeking out the best and most exciting hands-on experiences for students. Doing so means we need people like YOU to identify great resources in your city. If you are selected to be an associate editor you will be invited to attend a webinar demonstrating how we identify and populate the best resources for inclusion in the EDvite database.

Becoming an EDitor FAQs

We encourage anyone who is dedicated to expanding hands-on learning experiences for students to apply. As a member of your community, we already consider you an expert.

If you are selected to become an Editor you will receive a webinar training on how to mine for great resources and how to populate them to the EDvite database.

Currently, your contribution would be on a voluntary basis and you will be identified as an Associate Editor on our website.. However, as soon as you are part of the team we will contact a community or education foundation in your area and request a small stipend to support your work.


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