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Architecture & Engineering Mentoring Program

  • 464
Level mid,hs
Delivery type on-site,in-class
Experience Type class-presentation,apprenticeship,mentoring
Avaliability ourwebsite

Our Team Projects
Students in the ACE Architecture, Construction and Engineering Mentoring program typically work closely with their mentors on projects that provide hands-on experience in solving the types of design, engineering and construction challenges industry organizations confront every day.

The teams often learn how to use advanced computerized tools, such as AutoCAD, while special exercises and activities illustrate the industry’s demand for young people skilled in math, physics, economics, art and other disciplines.

Many ACE affiliates culminate their program year with special events at which teams present their concepts to mentors, families, teachers and community leaders.

Participate in ACE!
If you’d like to experience ACE’s challenges, opportunities and rewards for yourself, just contact the ACE leader listed in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

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