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Wildlife Critter Crates to Your Classroom

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These crates are sponsored by SD Game, Fish and Parks and The Outdoor Campus East.

The Outdoor Campus East has several critter and other resource crates available for teachers and groups to borrow. Call 605.362.2777 or email Hilary.fernholz@state.sd.us to ask for the content list for any of the crates below or to make a crate reservation.

  • Most crates can be reserved for a 2-week period, snowshoe crates for only one week.
  • A $75.00 deposit is required for each crate. When crates are returned, Campus staff will inventory the contents, and if all is returned in good condition, they will shred the deposit check or return checks from an institution.
  • The Outdoor Campus East will ship most critter and resource crates to any adult teacher/leader in the state, but the person who reserves the crate becomes responsible for the cost of return through shipping or personal delivery. Some crates are quite heavy and have a high shipping cost.
  • Crate Use Policy


  • Mammal Crates A & B2 crates containing 20 pelts of common native species with corresponding natural and replica skulls, tracks and scat. Includes suggested activities, animal photos and print and resource materials.
    Mammal Crate Photo
  • Bat CrateBooks; activities; an echo-locator; a bat skeleton and 2 bat skulls.
    Bat Crate Photo
  • Beaver CrateActivities books; beaver pelts and pelts from other aquatic mammals; skulls; a chiseled tree piece and bark strips; a DVD of beavers building a dam. Includes the Eco-Beaver activity for dressing a volunteer in the many beaver adaptations, i.e., a paddle board for the tail, goggles for eye membranes, etc.
    Beaver Crate Photo
  • Bird BoxActivities, books and posters. Bird song identifiers; beaks, feet and feathers; 3 fragile bird skulls; owl and other raptor studies; a chick life cycle set, 3 turkey calls and pictures of common land and water birds.
    Bird Box Photo
  • Coyote CrateCoyote activities; print materials; coyote and beaver pelts, skulls, scat and tracks; coyote track mold; coyote bands.
    Coyote Crate Photo
  • Discovery Bags A & BPelts, skulls and track replicas of 10 common native species; photos of the animals in the bags; Bag B works well with the Track Sack below. We recommend a Discovery Bag for younger learners.
    Discovery Bag Photo
  • GPS Crates 1 & 2Each crate contains: 8 Garmin eTrex GPS units; an interface cable; a Quick Start Guide; laminated copies of simplified instructions; a Cash, Stash and Swap game to give learners early success; print materials on activities and the history of the GPS.
    GPS Crate 1 Photo
    GPS Crate 2 Photo
  • Prairie CratePuppets and play scripts; many prairie activity suggestions; books on prairie life; flannel boards of prairie plants and animals with text narration; pelts, pelt samples and skulls; photos of animals included and mentioned in the crate.
    Prairie Crate Photo
  • Prairie Grass BagSeveral posters that show cross sections of soil, its colors and the root systems of prairie plants; photos of native prairie flowers; a roll-up of a leafy spurge root system; 24 laminated samples of prairie grasses; print material on noxious weeds.
    Prairie Grass Bag Photo
  • Track SackContains track molds for the 11 animals in Discovery Bag B to be used with Model Magic or Plaster of Paris; 11 large track stamps of the native species in the bag; 18 small track stamps of 5 native and 13 exotic animals; 16 rubbing plates of animal tracks; activity suggestions.
    Track Sack Photo
  • Tree TrunkActivities from Project Learning Tree; Mystery Tree Challenge with 14 dichotomous keys to learn to identify trees; books, field guides and tree cookies; What Leaf Is This? activity and a video from Eyewitness Explorers.
    Tree Trunk Photo


These crates are available for use by any adult in South Dakota who makes a reservation and pays the $75 deposit per crate, but they are not shipped. Borrowers will need to make arrangements for their pickup and return.

  • Binoculars BoxContains 12 pairs of binoculars with instructions for adjusting and maintenance; an activity using binoculars; information on bird shapes and several Stokes guides to bird identification.
    Binocular Box Photo
  • Camera Crate10 Canon PowerShot SX 160 IS cameras; 2 tripods available; interface cables and a card reader; activity on photo composition; a nature photography example, and a Power Point instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced nature photographers.
    Camera Crate Photo
  • Fishing CrateContains 15 rods and reels, 3 tackle boxes and plastic Backyard Bass practice fish.
    Fishing Crate Photo
  • Ice Fishing Kit20 ice fishing rods and reels; 1 ice auger; ice dippers; Polar Ice safety picks; a First Aid kit and a tackle box.
    Ice Fishing Kit Photo
  • Snowshoe Crates2 Group Crates containing 15 to 20 pairs of snowshoes in youth, medium and adult sizes; 3 Family Crates of 4 youth pairs and 4 adult pairs. Crates may be used when the snow cover is at least 3 inches deep. Group crates are very large and will not fit in compact cars.
    Snowshoe Crate Photo
  • Wetlands Trunk
    Contains games, activities, puzzles, music, posters and a script for a puppet play with puppets of a blue heron, a muskrat and a salamander.
    Wetlands Trunk Photo

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