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Design It Engineering Apprenticeship

  • 803
Level mid
Delivery type on-site
Experience Type apprenticeship,mentoring
Avaliability -

Students learn what it takes to be an engineer when they plan and build a solution to a problem in a remote Ugandan village.

WOW! Project: Students present a blueprint and a model of their technology that will pump water for the village.

Week 1

Introduction to design process and the ways in which technology impacts society

Week 2

Problem Analysis

Week 3

Creation of first blueprint for the final design

Week 4

Building models of the design

Week 5

Completion of models

Week 6

Design presentation, feedback and idea filtration from each design to create a new model.

Week 7

Q&A session with a guest engineer and creation of blueprints for the final design.

Week 8

Build design model, compare and contrast technology, and practice Deep Learning Questions.

Week 9

Building design model, WOW! tri-fold, practice Deep Learning Questions and work on a organization blueprint of the final design.

Week 10

Completion of design model, tri-fold, and blueprint.

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