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Discover YOUR Career pathway

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We all know some of the most popular career options. Medicine, engineering, law and business just to name a few.  But are these the best options for YOU?  enScholar offers a new way to find a career pathway that fits you…

Traditional assessments are like roadmaps. They predict your career and give you a single path to reach it, based on a brief questionnaire. Just like paper roadmaps, they\’re often inflexible, outdated, and don’t account for roadblocks or a rapidly changing world.

 A compass, on the other hand, points you in the right direction no matter where you are, or how quickly your surroundings are changing. A compass allows you to pioneer unchartered territory, innovate, and find your own unique route without boxing you in. At enScholar, we help you create your own compass to guide decisions for your career and your life, so you can find the best fit possible for you. 

Learn, and explore careers

You’ll identify and dig deep into your interests, strengths, and values, so you can make better decisions about the education and career path that\’s right for you.

At your own pace

Each activity only takes a few minutes, so you can stop and start again whenever you like, on any device, including your smartphone. We’ll guide you through each step with short videos – it’s almost like having your own career coach.

The new way

Unlike most career tools, you’ll develop new critical thinking skills through guided reflections and career-alignment activities. Your new knack for problem solving will help you navigate the real world with confidence.

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