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KidsCode – STEM through programming

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Level mid,hs
Delivery type on-site,in-class
Experience Type apprenticeship,mentoring
Avaliability ourwebsite

KidsCode developing a cutting edge curriculum for teaching code in schools in partnership with Prewitt Solutions to teach middle-schoolers STEM through programming. Our curriculum is designed for both in-school contracts and after school programs, and our differentiator is that we scaffold on new programming knowledge to apply STEM concepts to real-world applications. These are the primary goals:

Fun, engaging way for students to meet S.T.E.M. requirements

Students learn the foundations of programming

Students learn to use programming for problem solving techniques and strategies

Students learn how to apply S.T.E.M. in real-world applications

Leads to increases in both math and language scores

How do you reach these goals?
Our program is delivered in three phases over three semesters, each scaffolding on the last.

Foundations – Using graphical programming tools like Scratch (hour of code), students are taught programming concepts

Problem Solving – Using programming methods to solve problems, i.e., math and physics equations, game design, supply and demand.

Application – Applying learning outcomes to create useful and innovative projects, i.e., web design (HTML5), robotics, controls, software applications

How do you measure your results?
Our measurement consists of project based formative and summative assessments to identify the efficacy of the program itself. We also work with school administrators and classroom teachers to create customized measures to identify improved math and language scores in other classes. These measures are all tied to Common Core standards to ensure the students are reaching national goals, but still tailored to school’s individual goals and learning culture.

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