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Thematic Colonial Time Travel Workshops

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Level elem,mid
Delivery type on-site
Experience Type field-trip
Avaliability ourwebsite

Offered May 1 – October 31
Group Size: Minimum of 10 students and maximum of 15 students per workshop.
Multiple workshops can run at the same time.
Enhance your self-guided visit with one of our Time Travel Workshops, which relate to a variety of curriculum topics. These 90-minute interactive programs, guided by experienced museum educators, involve students in hands-on history. Workshops feature engaging, fun activities with a focus on multi-sensory learning.

Recommended for ages 8-16

How did colonial people build homes with just hand tools and human power? Discover the answers by becoming a construction crew and working as a team to assemble a large-scale model of an 18th-century post-and-beam house. Then explore a real historic house built on the same plan, looking for clues to its construction and the lives of the people who lived there long ago.

Recommended for ages 7-12Become an archaeologist in a simulated tabletop excavation. Using trowels and brushes, unearth buried ‘artifacts and learn how archaeologists use objects to discover the secrets of the past. Visit an historic home and privy to examine real artifacts all recovered in excavations on the museum grounds.

Recommended for ages 8-14What is it like leave your home and move to a new country? In this workshop, a ‘Passport to the Past’ students become the character of a real immigrant from history. Working together, they discover how each character came to America and the obstacles they faced. Then journey into the homes and explore the new lives that each person made in America. By walking in the footsteps of immigrants past, discover both the challenges and opportunities involved in becoming Americans.

Recommended for all ages

In the 1800s, cookstoves were the latest in high-tech home appliances. See how the Industrial Revolution found its way into America’s kitchens, utterly transforming daily life. Managing a wood stove took new skills and knowledge, from selecting wood to kindling a fire in the firebox and making use of varying temperature zones. Learn and use these techniques as you prepare a Victorian-era recipe on a cast-iron cookstove. Then search the museum’s historic homes for the new inventions of the Industrial Age.

Recommended for all agesFeeding a family in pre-industrial times took resourcefulness, and hard work. Travel back to the 1700s and experience open hearth cooking over a wood fire. Read a historic recipe, weigh and measure ingredients on kitchen scales, and bake over hot coals using 18th-century tools and techniques. Get a taste of global trade by working with exotic spices and other foreign trade goods brought by New England traders. Tour an 18th-Century store to see how all the ingredients got to America.

Recommended for 8 -12

It’s the Age of Sail, and New England’s farmers, loggers, and merchants are closely connected to the distant ports of Europe, the West Indies, and South America. The exciting atmosphere of a bustling waterfront comes to life as your group takes on the roles of a ship’s crew in an interactive game of fortune and strategy. Retrace the global trade routes of New England sea captains while braving the dangers posed by warfare, weather, and the shifting balance of trade. Explore the home of a far-ranging sea captain and inspect the imported goods in an 18th century wharf-side shop.


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