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What if we could reduce the barriers that exist between classrooms and the community?  


The time to do this is now. The chance to transform learning is here! EDvite connects learners to the infinite real-life learning opportunities in their community!


When you think about our current education system, do you ever feel like we need less testing and a lot more inspiring. If so, you’re not alone! There are thousands of organizations, businesses, institutions, and individuals who want to inspire students with great learning opportunities but don’t have a way of communicating directly with teachers and learners. There are just as many teachers and parents who want to provide inspiring, real-world learning experiences for students, but don’t have the time to reach out to different organizations. EDvite makes it easy for these groups to connect!

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.- JOHN DEWEY

EDvite is all about identifying—and creating—great learning experiences in communities across the country. We have a team of exceptional leaders that have volunteered to organize and curate resources into easy-to-find categories. Now we need your support to expand these efforts and uncover—or create—all new experiences.  Check out our video for more….


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EDvite is an online tool that connects learners to inspiring, offline learning experiences in their community. Ranging from museum exhibits to community gardens, and from mentor programs to coding aca...

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